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The following was posted on the GoaTease Yahoo group. It is the creation of a GoaTease fan and NOT the work of the GoaTease themselves.


"Super-Listen" to The GoaTease Chain Tape for Outrageous Luck!!!




The Chain Tape Noise


The Chain Tape Noise is actually not a noise at all. This MP3 was created by mixing all 30 tracks of The GoaTease Chain Tape into a single 5:48 track. The "Chain Tape Noise" hinges around the center point of the longest track on The GoaTease Chain Tape: Mag Numb Oh Pus. Thus all 30 tracks were mixed so that their centers pivot on the same point in time. The result is that the The Chain Tape Noise has the "shape" of a pyramid with the longest track, Mag Numb Oh Pus, as the foundation and the shortest track, GoaTease Ant Eye Theme, as the capstone. The pyramid is a powerful lucky symbol!




Only people who have listened to the Chain Tape a full 7 times or more should listen to the "Chain Tape Noise"! As with anything that comes from the GoaTease, NOBODY can be held responsible for you or your friends' brain aneurysms if you do not comply with this warning!!! Please see points numbers 2, 9, and 10 of "THIRTEEN THINGS THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT".


The Chain Tape Noise was created by me, William G. Gruff, a fan of the GoaTease, so that recipients of the Chain Tape could get more luck in a shorter time. It has been anecdotally and scientifically proven that luck improves with each listen to the lucky hits on The GoaTease Chain Tape. But once the listener's ear and subconscious mind have been trained to hear the sounds on the Chain Tape it is possible to take in the totality of its 30 lucky hits in a single listening of the Chain Tape Noise. Eighty minutes of music are compressed into less than six minutes.


So now, by this new and exciting miracle in luck, you can take in 7 hearings of The GoaTease Chain Tape in less than 45 minutes! Multiply your luck over and over with multiple listens to the Chain Tape Noise!!!!!!!


But don't think for a second that you can cheat! Don't risk a karmic implosion! Don't risk a brain aneurysm for chrissakes! Listen to the complete 30 lucky hits on the Chain Tape 7 times. Then come back and enjoy the "Noise".


To listen to the Chain Tape Noise now, follow this link to the "Files" section of The GoaTease Yahoo Group web page and open the Chain Tape Noise MP3 folder which also contains a schematic of The Noise to help you follow along: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/goatease


(The track can now be found here as well. Chain Tape Noise MP3.)


Numerological Fact:

5:48 equals 348 seconds.

348 divided by 7 = 49.7.

49.7 divided by 7 = 7.1

7.1 divided by 7 = 1.0142857

Add all the digits in 1.0142857 and you get 28.

28 divided by 4 = 7



The GoaTease Chain Tape Noise was not created by the GoaTease, but rather by one of the lucky recipients of the Chain Tape who discovered this fortunate new miracle in good luck by coincidence and science after listening to the Chain Tape 49.7 times. Do not listen to the Chain Tape Noise until you have first listened to The GoaTease Chain Tape seven (7) times. Nobody can be held responsible for your cataclysmic bad luck if you ignore this warning.



The good luck of The GoaTease Chain Tape has now achieved its maximum efficiency. Introducing the Chain Tape Noiseplex (MP3). By taking the Chain Tape Noise track, reversing it so its backwards, and playing both versions simultaneously, you can now listen to the full 80 minutes of The GoaTease Chain Tape TWICE in the span of five minutes and 48 seconds. Just listen to the Chain Tape Noiseplex three times and the Chain Tape Noise once and you will receive the same good luck as having listened to the entire GoaTease Chain Tape seven times. That's 560 minutes of good luck condensed down to 23 minutes, 12 seconds! ENJOY!


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